A Vape Company with a Difference

A Vape Company with a Difference


Let me start by saying that I am an ex-smoker and currently using Wild by Instinct to become tobacco and nicotine free. I smoked for over 34 years and used a lot of NRT’s and vape products to try and quit smoking but was only successful with Wild by Instinct.

All of us here at Wild by Instinct are a group of like-minded people, looking to provide a quality product that offers an adult smoker/vaper a pathway away from nicotine, away from addiction.

That, you would think, is the mindset of all people in the vape industry, or is it?

What makes us different from nearly every other vape company that I know, is we are not interested in providing an alternative to smoking but rather a pathway to freedom.

Ok, blah blah, what does that really mean? It means we have a product range designed to help you kick the habit, cigarettes, and then escape the addiction.  

We are not here to preach to you; we would not accept it nor will be dish it out.

If for you that is a process that takes 3 months or 3 years, we are not here to judge but provide support and a quality vape product that works.

You also will not hear us saying things like ‘Mouth to Lung’ or ‘Direct to Lung’ or any other vape jargon, we don’t think they help the category. Explain some of these terms to a no user or Government official and see what result / look you get..

We probably also stand alone in support for the Australian Government and TGA in their efforts to direct vaping use through medical practitioners and prescriptions. A trained professional, ensuring vaping is medically ok for someone to use, helping build a pathway with a smoker to addiction freedom and most of all, not allowing access to children and nonsmokers/vapers. 

Anything that allows access to a vaping product in Australia and ensures that the product meets an Australian standard, is a good thing to us.

You might also be asking whether we carry Open Juices or have our on Open Juices. The simple answer is no. It is not that we can’t it is that we won’t.

We here at Wild by Instinct want to ensure that every time you inhale our product, we know the temperature setting, we know the emission outcome and we know the product meets the requirements set out by the TGO 110.

We also know that we can build quality open juices, we can also build quality open system devices, and we know there are quality companies out there building those today.

What we cannot be sure of is how they will be used, if not contained within a controlled environment. We cannot be sure and provide test results that show, is exactly what your inhaling based on your specific ‘mix and match’.

If we cannot be sure then we will not in good conscience, offer it to an adult consumer for sale knowing they are going to inhale it.

Call us crazy but our conscience trumps revenue all day every day.