Customer Testimonial - Annie

We love hearing testimonials & smoker cessation success stories from our customers & with their permission are sharing these with you in their own words.

My name is Annie and I live in Perth and smoked for 37 years.

Having smoked for so long I new quitting wasn’t going to be easy but I knew it was time.

I’ve tried different things in the past but nothing that helped.

I was introduced to Wild by Instinct in February and thought, why not, I’ll see if it helps.

Looking at the flavour, I wasn’t sure what flavour to try. I didn’t want something too sweet and I didn’t want something that too strong. I tried Cool Mint and Orchard and it really surprised me that Orchard was my flavour. I like apples but had never thought of it as something I would vape.

It’s now been 5 months and I am down to the 1.8mg and looking forward to moving to the zero nicotine in the next few weeks.

Quitting isn’t easy but Wild by Instinct made it easier and I don’t even think about smoking anymore.

Wild is my go anywhere, easy and reliable choice that helped me kick the habit.

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