Customer Testimonial - Deborah

We love hearing testimonials & smoker cessation success stories from our customers & with their permission are sharing these with you in their own words.

My name is Deborah, I live in Adelaide & I am a homemaker.

After 45 years of smoking cigarettes & turning 60 it was time to quit (again). 

With grown up children, 2 grandchildren & having tried so many NRTs like patches, gum, hypnotism, cold turkey only to fail, I was introduced to Wild By Instinct; a harm reduction vape. 

I can honestly & proudly say "I have quit" & no longer urge for expensive harmful addictive cigarettes. I can taste flavours in food & smell the roses so to speak; I can put the $s I have saved to better use; I can walk up steep hills without stopping to catch my breath. I have genuinely got my life back!

What would I suggest to others? What have you got to lose! Nothing, only so much to gain - a win/win situation (health-wise & financially).

It speaks volumes for Wild; a genuine harm reduction alternative developed to  help Aussie smokers quit!

I’m now in control & not my smokes!

For me I use the Cool Mint & I know my vape is there, if & when I want it ~ MY CHOICE - MY DECISION TO QUIT - MY CHOICE TO GIVE WILD A GO.

No smell, easy, affordable.

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