Customer Testimonial - Fiona

We love hearing testimonials & smoker cessation success stories from our customers & with their permission are sharing these with you in their own words.

I’m Fiona and I live in Adelaide, SA. I’m a retired RN and dress/costume maker. I started smoking at 19, when I commenced my nursing training. Over the years I tried to stop with patches, medication and cold turkey but nothing worked.

At 38 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and within 10 years I was a quadriplegic and became reliant on my carers to give me a cigarette. Some were fine doing that but others were not. The bank balance was also taking a hit as cigarettes were becoming very expensive.

I heard about Wild by Instinct and decided that the time had come for me to stop the cigarettes. When I turned 57 I started my Wild journey and I’m so glad I made that decision. My health has improved, my carers are happy and my bank balance is looking very nice! I started on Wild Harvest 5mg nicotine and within 4 months I had decreased to 1.8mg. My favourite Wild flavour is Orchard, I love the crisp apple taste and my carers like the smell.

I take my vape with me wherever I go but after 8 months I am starting to forget about using it for hours. I am very impressed with the product and proud of myself for getting off the cigarettes permanently. I would definitely recommend Wild by Instinct to anyone who wants to stop smoking.

Wild – easy, convenient, affordable

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