Customer Testimonial - Tim

We love hearing testimonials & smoker cessation success stories from our customers & with their permission are sharing these with you in their own words.

I’m Tim, a company director from Adelaide SA, recently turned 53 years of age.

I started smoking around the age of 14 - not very often at first, but I’d developed a full time habit by about 18 years old. I’d tried to quit many times over the years using pretty much every available method - gum, spray, patches, cold turkey etc - only lasting a few months or weeks each time.

In mid 2020 I was introduced to the Wild By Instinct vaping method for smoking cessation. I “put my toe in the water” and tried it on and off for a couple of months, whilst continuing to smoke regular tobacco, albeit at a slightly reduced rate. During that time I experimented with all the flavours, eventually settling on the Orchard 5% as my favourite, and the one I could use to have a full blown attempt to stop smoking cigarettes.

In August 2020, I finished my last packet of tobacco, replaced it with the Wild vape, and I haven’t had a cigarette since. Nor must I say have I really even craved one during the 10 months. The changeover was seamless and honestly much easier than I had expected (or feared!).

So I’ve saved a bucket load of cash, I no longer stink of tobacco smoke, my finger tips aren’t stained yellow any more, and I noticed a significant improvement in my lung capacity and breathing almost immediately. Seriously, I could not recommend the Wild product more highly x WILD - FREEDOM - SIMPLICITY - STYLE

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