Customer Testimonial - Rebecca

We love hearing testimonials & smoker cessation success stories from our customers & with their permission are sharing these with you in their own words.

My name is Rebecca and I’m 25 and just moved with my husband and daughter from the US to Australia.

I tried quitting before coming to Australia as I had heard about how much they cost here.

Once I got here, I tried a few different things but always found myself heading back to cigarettes.

In October last year I tried Wild by Instinct and wow, for the first time I didn’t feel like a cigarette.

By Christmas, I had not only quit cigarettes but Wild had help me kick the nicotine habit.

I started on the 1.8mg and then moved to zero nicotine and then total freedom.

It has now been over 6 months of being nicotine free and really loving life down under.

Wild by Instinct helped bring this new freedom to me and I’m truly grateful.

I’d recommend anyone looking to quit to give Wild a go, it worked for me and I hope it works for you.

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