Has vaping really changed post the 1st of October

Has vaping really changed post the 1st of October

There was a lot of noise around the new vaping rules that came into effect on the 1st of October. A month on, did the vaping landscape change?

·        359 doctors have been approved by the TGA as authorised prescribers of nicotine vaping products (TGA update the 26th of October)

·        Pharmacies around the country have already started to stock Australian Standard vaping products

·        New Zealand vaping companies are accepting orders and shipping through the Personal Importation scheme, with a prescription

So, besides consumers having to get a prescription they could still access products via New Zealand and now can access nicotine vape from their local Pharmacy, if the nicotine vaping product meets Australian standards.

I might be mistaken but that appears to be better access to nicotine vaping products then prior to October 1st.  

You might complain that getting a prescription is the painful part and you might be right. But a visit to your GP or visiting an online clinic, in context to the last 2 years of Covid, isn’t really that big a deal.

Here at Wild by Instinct, we could only offer you Wild via our New Zealand website but now we can be found in Pharmacies around the country. Our consumers have better access, (as we are an Australian standard product), then they did prior to October 1st.

We believe vaping is a credible cessation tool for smokers. We start to vary from other vaping companies when it comes to the purpose of vaping. We see it as a cessation tool, not an alternative to smoking.

The concept of us switching a smoker from one addiction to another, doesn’t sit well with us. This is Australia and every adult has freedom of choice, but we at least want a smoker to have the choice to quit nicotine addiction.

Check out our website to see the pathway to zero nicotine