My story of helping smokers Make the Switch

My story of helping smokers Make the Switch

There are only very few givens in life, birth, death and taxes, everything else is an outcome of the choice we make.

I was a smoker for over 30 years, and I enjoyed doing it. Plenty of doctors, friends and family members told me I was mad, but I enjoyed it and told myself I understood the risks.

I had tried quitting in the past, mainly because I knew at some point I had to, rather than I wanted to quit.

The price didn’t help, in Australia they are ridiculously priced but again, my choice was to find a way to continue to smoke and convince myself, that if I tried to quit, I was heading in the right direction.

I even work in the vaping industry, helping people to quit smoking, because I knew, like me, at some point everybody wants to quit, it just wasn’t my time. I’d tried patches, gum, hypnosis, and nothing worked, so I continued to smoke.

Vaping, at the start, helped me to cut down smoking but I still turned to my friend when I really needed it.

When I finally had the chance to build a vaping product from the ground up, with the sole intent to help smokers quit the habit (when their time was right), it had to work on me to believe it. I wasn’t falling for a good product, with a great PR spin. I was the test dummy if it worked on me then it worked.

I’m happy to say, for my sake alone, that I have now quit cigarettes for good, through using our vaping product.

My wife smoked, my daughter in law smoked and I’m happy for them that they no longer smoke either. One of my colleagues wives smoked, and had for many years, and now she to is no longer smoking.

We have many stories the same and it is a great feeling to know we helped good people quit smoking. Some are on their journey through vaping to a nicotine free future and some are already there.

Our product, Wild by Instinct, ( is available in Australian pharmacies and being prescribed by Australian doctors.  We’d like more doctors having the option to prescribe nicotine vaping products locally, but that goes back to personal choices again. We’ll continue to provide the evidence that vaping helps smokers quit.

Its role is simple, to help you quit the habit. It is not an alternative to smoking, that would mean we simply switched you from one addiction to another.

We are glad that our product needs to be prescribed and is available via community pharmacies. Not because it restricts access to smokers (we are happy it restricts youth and nonsmoker access) but because it provides a level of support to help you along the journey to a nicotine free future.

You won’t find exclusive-coloured batteries, wild exotic flavours, just a product designed to burn at the lowest possible temperature, to lower emissions, match the nicotine absorption of a cigarette and then provide lowering levels of nicotine to help guide you off the addiction. All of this while ensuring it meets the Australian guidelines, to ensure you can have it dispensed locally.

It will save you money while you’re going through the journey to quitting, with a pod pack costing only $13.99, which is equivalent to 2 packs of cigarettes.  

When you’re ready to make the switch, we are glad that our product is a choice you have for addiction freedom.