Nicotine E-Cigarette Laws Set To Change From 1 October

Nicotine E-Cigarette Laws Set To Change From 1 October

From 1 October 2021, there will be a new prescribing process for nicotine vaping products requiring consumers to have a valid Australian medical prescription to access electronic cigarette products.

While the sale of nicotine vaping products is already illegal throughout Australia, according to the Commonwealth Department of Health, the new law essentially just clarifies the existing situation that you need a prescription to purchase and possess e-cigarettes containing nicotine.

The confusion is that our border force and customs people can’t currently intercept shipments coming from overseas because there are no Commonwealth laws relevant to nicotine electronic cigarette products being a prescription medicine under all circumstances. The new prescription law has been introduced to clarify the grey area.

While studies show there is a significant relationship between vaping and reducing smoking, there is considerable concern about increases in use of nicotine vaping products by people under the age of 18. The objective of the new policy is to limit access to youth while still supporting the use of nicotine electronic cigarette products for adults to quit smoking.

According to the government, they are working on communications and education programs to help GPs prepare for the changes and understand prescribing guidelines. Currently and after 1 October, any Australian registered doctor can prescribe and then the patient can personally import the product with a prescription.

For access to local products, the Authorised Prescriber Scheme gives registered GPs the power to prescribe directly to patients under their immediate care. Only Authorised Prescribers can have nicotine vaping products dispensed locally within Australia.

So, how hard is it to get a prescription? Actually, not that hard. Simply make an appointment with your GP and discuss your vaping needs. Electronic cigarette products and POD vapes have been proven to be beneficial for assisting with smoking cessation and are considered a reasonable intervention for those who are motivated to quit.

If you choose to see an Authorised Prescriber, you can pick up your electronic cigarette or POD vapes from your local pharmacy or have them dispensed and shipped to your front door. 

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