Vaping: more than an alternative nicotine industry

Vaping: more than an alternative nicotine industry
The electronic cigarette market used to be dominated by small start-up companies. Despite initially being slow to enter the market, the big tobacco companies have increasingly diversified their product lines to include alternative nicotine products. As the number of smokers worldwide continues to decline, there are certainly questions being raised around the ethics and motivations of these companies.

A major concern with the alternative nicotine industry is the fact some companies are profiting from smokers, new nicotine users and those trying to quit. Moving into the electronic cigarette market is seen as a way for tobacco companies to sustain their revenues from nicotine addiction.

From 2012 onwards, big tobacco companies have been buying existing e-cigarette brands and also developing their own products. With established distribution points and marketing resources, tobacco companies have been able to take advantage of the fast-growing alternative nicotine industry.

Tobacco companies use a range of marketing tactics to promote their POD vapes and electronic cigarette products. As electronic cigarette advertising has become more restricted, these companies have turned to less traditional marketing methods, like pop-up stores and events and collabs with celebrities. This has led to criticism that these companies are targeting young people, rather than adults who are wanting to quit smoking.

Despite positioning their electronic cigarette products as a solution to the tobacco problem, the core goals of these businesses remain the same. Profits from electronic cigarette and POD vapes are seen as an additional revenue stream in addition to their core tobacco cigarette revenue stream.

Regular vape companies too want to keep ex-smokers in the vape space in order to generate a sustainable revenue stream. Here at Wild By Instinct, we operate differently to the rest. Our goal is to deliver a smoke free future for adult consumers. In fact, we would be more satisfied with a world where adult consumers have moved away from both tobacco cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.

The products in our vape shop have been designed to help smokers taper off nicotine in a sustainable way, supporting them on their quit journey, so they can stay quit for good. We offer our vape juice products in three different nicotine strengths. Our 5 per cent strength nicotine vape juice is for smokers who are just starting their quit journey. They will still get the same nicotine hit they would if they smoked a combustible cigarette, without the nasties. We also have a lower-level 1.8 per cent nicotine product, for those further along their journey and finally, we have flavour only vape juice, for those who are ready to say goodbye to the nicotine, but not quite ready to give up the ritual of smoking.

At Wild By Instinct, we believe vaping is more than an alternative nicotine industry. Vaping can be part of a successful quit journey for smokers who want to live a life free from smoking.

Take the first step on your quit journey today.