What the Australian vaping changes mean to you

What the Australian vaping changes mean to you

The Australian Government has made accessing Vape products in Australia easier but you have to know what the changes mean for you.

To be able to access vaping products in Australia, from a Retail Pharmacy or Online Pharmacy, you will need:

  1. A prescription from an Australian Authorised Prescriber
  2. TGO 110 approved vaping products

So, just getting a prescription from an Australian doctor does not mean you can access vaping products in Australia. That’s a very important point, only Australian Authorised Prescribing doctors can prescribe a vaping product that is accessible in Australia.

 Yes, you can access international vaping products, but they will come via the mail and not necessarily be up to Australian standards.

The one major benefit of the new Australian rules is you can go to your local Pharmacy, with your eScript and get your vape products, there and then. It is not the same as access everywhere but that ship, for now, has sailed.

Wild by Instinct will provide you with a list of Authorised Prescribing Australian doctors that you can arrange a tele-health session with. Getting the script is the decision of the doctor and Wild does not get involved in that process.

Wild by Instinct, with an Australian Sponsor Pharmacy, is TGO 110 compliant and therefore available at an Australian Pharmacy.

You will still be able to access our products on the web via New Zealand but we’d much prefer you have the choice to go local.

Make sure you are ready, come October 1st, to be able to access your vape products, that meet Australian standards, locally in Australia.

Your first job, find an Australian Authorised Prescribing doctor, a link to the ones we know to date, are available on the link provided.