Why we see open systems as being a concern

Why we see open systems as being a concern

Making the switch from smoking tobacco cigarettes to vaping e-cigarettes is a positive step towards a smoke-free future. Once you have made that life-changing decision, the next step is to figure out whether to go with an open or closed system vape. Open and closed system are the terms used to describe the two main types of electronic cigarette devices.

Closed system POD vapes have simple to use flavour cartridges that are pre-filled with e-liquid, while open system devices are filled up by the vaper, who purchases the e-liquid from a vape shop and then pours the vape juice into a tank on the top of the device. The issue here is that the device and liquid are often not made by the same manufacturers and open systems are not protected against contamination.

Furthermore, open system devices are not built with a specific liquid composition in mind, whereas closed vaping devices only work with liquid capsules intended for use with the device, providing greater control over the content of the liquid being vapourised and the way it is heated up.

The quality and design of batteries and heating elements in both types of electronic cigarette devices can be very different and can affect the quality of the vapour. The heating unit in a closed system vape is a smaller version of a mod or battery pack. Open systems are potentially more dangerous because of the size of the batteries and glass components. In addition, open system electrotonic cigarette products can overheat.

The heating element in our Wild products is constructed from a solid piece of medical grade stainless steel, allowing our smart device to accurately control temperature. This larger surface area means that liquid is heated at a lower temperature, delivering the right amount to heat the small cartridges, without overheating. This results in lower emissions than open systems.

An open system device can also be harsher on the throat and if the user inhales too hard, liquid can be drawn up through the mouthpiece. Open system devices need to be maintained properly and regularly cleaned before the vape juice is replaced to function at capacity.

At Wild By Instinct, we only bring the most reliable products to the market and that’s why all of our vape products are closed system devices. Every component and material used in our vape products is extensively tested to ensure the vaping experience is enjoyable, safe and hassle free. Choose your flavour vape juice and nicotine strength in our online vape shop today.