Wild By Instinct is the perfect go-to vape brand for nicotine prescribing doctors

Wild By Instinct is the perfect go-to vape brand for nicotine prescribing doctors
Quitting smoking can be tough. Vaping is a way to quit smoking cigarettes, by getting nicotine without the nasty toxins that come from tobacco cigarettes. For many smokers, smoking is a social thing. Vaping allows them to stay social, spend less and eventually move away from nicotine altogether.

In Australia, you need a medical prescription to legally import nicotine electronic cigarette products including POD vapes for your own personal use.

Until recently, many Australian doctors have been reluctant to provide nicotine prescriptions, but that’s all changing, in part due to the fact leading medical colleges now acknowledge the benefits of vaping to quit smoking.

At Wild By Instinct, our mission has always been clear. We set out to change the adult vaping narrative, by providing products that truly help consumers move away from smoking and eventually from nicotine altogether.

Our vape juice products are pharma-grade and our state-of-the-art POD vapes are designed to deliver nicotine like a cigarette and adult flavours with the lowest possible emissions. Our POD vapes burn below 200 degrees and use a pharmaceutical grade notch coil heating element.

Unlike big tobacco and regular vape companies, we exist to deliver a smoke free future for adult consumers. Our POD vapes were created to help adult smokers on their quit journey and that’s why we offer products in varying nicotine strength with 1ml of e-liquid. This helps consumers manage their daily intake and map out a quit plan.

For those who are at the beginning of their journey, we have a 5 per cent nicotine salt product that delivers the same nicotine hit as a cigarette without the nasty toxins. For those who are already on their quit journey, we have products with the same great taste and lower 1.8 per cent nicotine strength. For consumers who no longer need nicotine but aren’t quite ready to give up the ritual of smoking, we offer flavour only vape juice products.

It’s important for smokers who are on their quit journey to start at a nicotine level that matches their cigarette intake. Prescribing doctors can work with their patients to make sure the right product is supplied to support nicotine and smoking cessation. Together, doctors and patients can set realistic goals for the quit journey and smokers can seek extra support in the form of the Australian government funded Quit Coach.

Wild By Instinct’s vape juice products are made without the nasties including Diacetyl or Acetyl Propionyl, Furfural, Acetaldehyde or Acetoin. All the products in our vape shop are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility under pharmaceutical standards and regulations.

Here at Wild By Instinct, we are here to deliver a vaping product to support smokers on their quit journey and we have the same goals as prescribing doctors. Together, we can help smokers quit for good.