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Wild By Instinct Electronic Cigarette

Consumers wanting healthier alternatives are among the many people worldwide who have embraced vaping. Whether you refer to it as an electronic cigarette, e-cig, vape cigarette, or vape pen, these all fall under the same class of device. Here at Wild By Instinct, we have a great range of vape cigarettes and flavour pods to . If you’re a smoker, it’s a good idea to choose an electronic cigarette that gives you the same feeling you get from a regular cigarette. If you want to try vaping for the first time, you can order a great value Wild By Instinct starter kit or e-cig in Australia or NZ today.








  • Get a WILD starter kit for $35.95 delivered

    Get a WILD starter kit for $35.95 delivered


    ·   2 x 1ml MANGO pods & 2 x 1ml MINT pods

    ·   1 x WILD BLACK device kit (device and USB-C cable)

    ·   Delivery: draw activated
    ·   Heating system: SS316L - medical grade low carbon stainless steel
    ·   Charge time: WILD device takes 35 mins to charge
    ·   Battery: 350 mAh long lasting battery
    ·   Casing: heavy gauge Zinc Alloy
    ·   Weight: 35.3g

    12 month warranty against faults

    FREE express delivery


    limited time offer

The E-Cigarette Starter Kit

Purchasing an e-cigarette starter kit is an easy way to get everything you need to begin your vaping journey in one go. The ideal starter kit should include vape juice cartridges, batteries, and battery chargers. Here at Wild By Instinct, our kits are perfect for those purchasing their first e-cig or for more seasoned vapers wanting to add a second or third device to their collection. Not only do we take care of the beginners, but we also make sure that the avid smokers like our kits. We offer a great range of liquid nicotine refills, in a wide variety of flavours. Still not sure where to start? Get in touch with our friendly team who can offer you some helpful expert advice.

Choose A Quality E-Cig

Here at Wild By Instinct, we really do know electronic cigarettes. We’ve engineered our devices from the ground up to deliver on both function and form. Designed in California, with the latest technology in mind, our vape cigarette devices, have a sleek zinc alloy construction that fits perfectly in your hand or pocket, and they are ‘draw activated’ so there are no buttons to push. The e-cig battery lasts all day and delivers a quick 30 minute USB-C charge time. The temperature control ensures consistent flavour and no dry burn, for better vapour and superior flavour. Our technology advancements combined with liquid formulation maintains the lowest possible emissions while delivering the highest level of global compliance.

Buy An Electronic Cigarette In Australia & NZ

When you want high a quality e-cigarette starter kit at the best price, simply take a look at the range available here at Wild By Instinct. We’re popular for our commitment to quality and consistent efforts to bring the best vape starter kits to Australia and NZ. We can ship your vape cigarette in record time, and our customer service team are always here to help you with any questions you may have about purchasing an electronic cigarette. For the best flavours, the highest quality vaping devices, and the best in knowledge and service, you’ll find it right here at Wild By Instinct.