medical professionals

How to work out dosage

Working out dosage is a simple 2 step process:

Step 1 is to determine nicotine dependence

There are 2 methods to determine nicotine dependence.

1) The wider know Fagerstrom Test for Nicotine Dependence or

2) The simpler Heaviness of Smoking Index

Once nicotine dependence has been determined, consult the
recommendation chart

How to write a prescription

All prescriptions need to include:

1) Brand name: WILD BY INSTINCT

2) Nicotine concentration & liquid base (ie. 18mg or 50mg
Nicotine Salts)

3) Flavour: Tropical, Cool Mint, Wild Harvest, Orchard

4) Volume/Dosage of liquid & number of pods for a 2 week
supply (eg. 1 x 1ml pod per day x 14 days = 14 x Wild 1ml Pods)

5) Number of repeats