What is vaping?

When vaping, you are inhaling an aerosol as opposed to smoke from a conventional cigarette. The aerosol is created through heating of the liquid inside the pod by our proprietary system

How does the WILD vaping device work?

It’s simple, WILD is a draw activated device. What this means is that there are no buttons to push. Insert the pod into the device, it will automatically click into place and you are ready to go. Simply draw on the pod, which in turn vapourises the liquid which will deliver consistent nicotine dose and flavour. To learn more, visit Our Products

How long does the battery take to charge?

The battery is designed to take 30-minutes to charge with our USB-C cable.

A full charge is estimated to last a pod and a half

How long does a POD last?

One WILD pod is designed to be the equivalent of replacing 20 cigarettes

Is WILD compliant with Australian standards?

All WILD liquids are compliant with TGO 110 (Australian) standards. The WILD device is certified to Australian and international standards (FCC, CE, PSE, RoHS, RCM). To learn more, visit Our Products

Is WILD a quality product?

All WILD e-liquids are made in the USA, manufactured under cGMP standards in state-or-the-art pharma grade clean rooms and rigorously tested by 3rd party independent laboratories. To learn more, visit Our Products

What is the Correct Liquid Nicotine Strength for me?

Wild comes in 50mg/ml, 18mg/ml and 0mg/ml. Each person, due to their habits and rituals may require varying levels of nicotine. Click here for general guidance

What Makes WILD Unique?

Our heating surface area is engineered from a solid piece of medical grade stainless steel,  allowing our smart device to accurately control the coil temperature at 195 degrees. With sub-ohm resistance and a larger heating surface area, our coil heats liquid at a lower temperature, effectively delivering a fuller flavor and consistent dosage with lower emissions.
Our portfolio is designed for smoking cessation and nicotine reduction with a range across 50mg, 18mg and 0mg pods

Is WILD made by the Big Tobacco Companies?

No Big Tobacco Here. At WILD we are an independent start-up in the wellness industry.

How can I buy a Wild by Instinct Product?

From 1 October 2021, consumers will need a valid prescription from an Australian-registered medical
practitioner. Once you have a prescription you can purchase from select pharmacies or from our online store

For more information on Prescriptions and how to find a medical practitioner, click here

How do I dispose of my Wild by Instinct product?

Please consider the environment and recycle you Wild by Instinct product. You can get information on recycling your Lithium battery in Australia at Battery Recycling Near You and in New Zealand at a hazardous waste collection site, typically located at your councils transfer station.

How do we contact you?

For all inquiries, contact us here