our products

No other vape device met our standards, so we engineered our very own

Designed in California, our device is simple yet dynamic

From the quality Zinc Alloy crush proof construction with magnetic pod retention, to the 35 minute quick charging battery that lasts a pod and a half, to the anti burn protection - just some of the features packed into this ergonomically designed device

Designed for lowest emissions

The latest in coil technology! Milled from a solid piece of medical grade stainless steel, our smart device accurately controls the coil temperature at 195 degrees. With sub-ohm resistance and a larger heating surface area, the coil heats liquid at a lower temperature, effectively delivering a fuller flavor and consistent dosage with lower emissions

Liquid flavours

Adult flavours for the adult palette

WILD’s USA made e-liquids come in a range of 4 flavours: Mint, Mango, Apple & Virginia Tobacco

In order to facilitate dosage, each pod contains 1ml e-liquid, being the equivalent of 1 pack 20s cigarettes

Each pack contains 2 x 1ml pods

Liquid Strengths

Our portfolio is designed for smoking cessation

WILD e-liquids come in 3 strengths: 50mg, 18mg and 0mg

This allows doctors to prescribe the required dosage and, more importantly, allows adult consumers to transition off nicotine through the 0% nicotine flavor pods