Get Your Vape Prescription

What to know about a nicotine vape prescription

In Australia, from October 2021 it became a legal requirement that you possess a valid vaping prescription to obtain nicotine e-liquid. Any local doctor can write you a vape prescription Australia wide as long as they are an Australian registered medical practitioner. The main reason a doctor will write a vaping prescription Australia wide is to assist with quitting smoking, particularly for those individuals who have tried other methods and have been unable to quit.

How do I obtain nicotine e-cigarettes if my doctor gives me a vape prescription?

There are two main ways to obtain nicotine e-cigarettes if your doctor gives you a vaping prescription:
1. Filling your nicotine vape prescription at a pharmacy (either a physical community pharmacy or an Australian online pharmacy).
2. Importing from overseas using the Personal Importation Scheme.

Where can a WILD vape prescription be filled?

You can fill your nicotine vape prescription Australia wide at your local pharmacy. Simply advise your local pharmacy to contact WILD via the ‘contact us’ function by clicking here. We will then organise for your chosen WILD products to be supplied directly to your preferred pharmacy.

If you choose to import from overseas to fill your prescription vape, Australian customers can simply order online and upload your nicotine vape prescription to our portal.

Do I need a prescription for non-nicotine liquid?

A vape prescription Australia wide is only legally required to purchase nicotine vaping devices and liquids. If you are purchasing non-nicotine vaping liquid, you do not need a prescription.

How do I get a vaping prescription Australia wide?

You can commence the process of obtaining a nicotine vape prescription Australia wide by referring to the list of Authorised Prescribers provided below. Some GPs require face-to-face consultations while others conduct telephone or video consultations.
You can find out more information on legal prescription vaping here.

Why do I need a vape prescription Australia wide?

The Therapeutic Goods Authority (TGA) acknowledges that vaping nicotine is less harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes, however it decided to take a cautious approach to regulating nicotine vaping to strike a balance between preventing young people from taking up nicotine while enabling current smokers to access prescription vaping as a method for quitting smoking.

How long is a vaping prescription valid?

Like most Australian prescriptions, a nicotine vape prescription is valid for a maximum of 12 months. Your doctor may specify that your prescription is valid for a shorter period – we encourage you to engage in conversation with your medical professional to discuss the timeframe of your vape prescription in further detail.

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